Are you eager to start investing in cryptocurrencies? Here at Vaultavo’s trading academy, we have assembled a guided tour of the crypto trading world and how to get started!

Since Bitcoin’s arrival in 2008, the crypto market has exploded into a trillion-dollar industry with a large variety of different coins to invest in today. The volatile market has become a trading mecca, and the majority of investors have some involvement. If you’re looking to buy the best cryptocurrencies, but feel a tad unprepared, we’ve got the information for you.

Understanding the crypto market

Before you invest in the crypto market, it is essential to understand the basics. It is fairly simple to grasp if you don’t know how to trade in general. The crypto market works like any other; driven by supply and demand. Prices tend to move up or down when there is an imbalance between the two. When there are more potential buyers than sellers, the price of the stock increases or vice versa. The only difference between the two markets is how their value is measured. A company’s valuation backs its stock prices to lower the impact of the supply and demand.

However, when you buy a crypto coin, you are not investing in a business but a decentralized currency. Cashflows or hard assets do not back these digital assets. Instead, they are valued based on their importance as a currency or service.

This results in the market becoming extremely volatile as supply and demand are the two biggest influences. The market fluctuates heavily when it becomes bullish or optimistic. You’ll also need to pay close attention to digital asset security as many lose their keys or unknowingly share login details.

Crypto trading for beginners can be easy once the bigger picture is understood. Now that you have an idea of the market let us look at some beginner crypto trading steps to get you started.

What you need to start online trading

If you want to know how to trade crypto, let’s have a look at a few necessities before you start:

Choosing the best beginner trading platforms

While there are fantastic crypto trading platforms out there, you need to find one that is easy to use and suits trading for beginners with a high level of biometric security. Getting the right balance with cryptocurrency basics will allow you to learn and understand trading faster. We will be discussing these best beginner trading platforms in more detail later on. Keep in mind that all trading platforms have a fee when you decide to deposit or withdraw your funds from their cryptocurrency custody service. If you are still learning how to trade crypto and plan on trading with a small amount, you might want to find a platform that accommodates well for this.

Choose a crypto

There are over 7000 different crypto coins available today. Trading for beginners can seem overwhelming when you have to decide which to invest in. Investing early in new currencies such as Shibu Inu Coin has seen investors make millions. New or old, these coins stay as volatile as always. New investors can sometimes get caught up with new booming crypto coins, resulting in irrational investments. While learning how to trade, we recommend starting with the more reputable and well-known currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Choosing a beginner trading platform that gives fewer options might be better. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most well-known and stable cryptocurrencies out there. These two are being used globally for numerous payments systems, and their reputation upholds their value providing you with a greater chance to protect cryptocurrencies that you might own.

If you are still learning how to trade, starting with one of them is the safer trading option. Once you get the hang of the market, you can start investing in other coins.

Learn how to read the market

The crypto market’s volatility is much more drastic than the regular stock market, which means more short-term money-making opportunities exist. If you want to know how to trade cryptos, it is essential to look at signals which may help you predict its next move. Our Vaultavo service has conducted extensive research to help you understand and learn how the crypto market works and factors to consider that might affect it. Here are some external factors that can have a significant effect on the crypto price:

  • Media: The news can play a pivotal role in the crypto markets’ behavior. Positive or negative information can see a considerable change in the prices!
  • Integration: Crypto coins are a currency, meaning their value depends on the currency’s importance. Crypto coins are becoming more widely accepted in the payment and banking systems. Now it can be used as a form of compensation or as a payment method to buy goods or services etc. With the integration of crypto coins into our world, their value seems to rise.
  • Political events: We have seen governments’ decisions have an astronomical effect on the crypto market. This may be when countries ease or tighten their operating restrictions or introduce new integration systems.

Gaining confidence in the market

If you want to gain confidence in the market, you need to work for it. One of the best trading for beginners tips we would recommend is getting familiar with the crypto market. Knowing when to invest might become easier once you understand how the market works and moves. You’ll also need to decide on an end to end custody solution to keep your profits safe. Our team has set out a guideline for you to achieve this. Here are some ways to help you get a better knowledge of crypto trading:

Stay up to date with the latest crypto news and information

There are tons of ways to stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the crypto world. If you are new to crypto trading, it is essential to surround yourself with news and information about the market. With Vaultavo’s newsroom, we offer just that! If you sign up with us, you will receive continuous articles touching on every topic of the crypto trading world. We discuss how to trade guidelines and strategies, secure storage options, investment advice, and more!

Keeping up to date with news regarding cryptocurrencies is also very important. Government or company statements regarding certain coins can greatly impact their price. For instance, every time Elon Musk makes a simple tweet about crypto, the market reacts heavily to it. The same goes for when China implemented restrictions on its use in their country. Being well-informed might give enough time to withdraw or deposit funds before the effect occurs.

Know what you are trading with

Everyone with some knowledge in trading and investing will tell you the importance of knowing what you are trading with. Everyone knows “cryptocurrencies” and “what is crypto custody” but do you actually know what they mean? Before you put money on it, read some explanatory articles at Vaultavo to better understand what exactly these coins are and what opportunities they hold!

Start a dummy account

This is a great way to gain some confidence with crypto trading! You might feel like you are missing out when the market becomes optimistic, but remember, the market can swing just as fast. If you want to play it safe and gain some experience with crypto trading, starting a dummy account can help you tremendously before settling on your end to end custody solution.

Choosing the right trading platform

If you are still learning how to trade, choosing the best beginner trading platform is essential. Choosing the right one can have a significant impact on your learning process. Progress will be slow if the platform is too simple =with too few trading tools. Too much, and the experience might be overwhelming, resulting in poor trading decisions. Finding the correct balance for you is key. You also want a platform that can give you quick and easy access to online crypto news while offering digital asset security.

You need to choose a well-respected platform that can assure the safe cryptocurrency custody. Some trading platforms offer secured e-wallets to keep your funds secure. These e-wallets are safe, but threats regarding hackers and other cyber threats still loom. Using Vaultavo’s external hard wallet in the form of a smart card with biometric security connected to our HSM, we deliver a blockchain custodian service like no other.

Why choose Vaultavo

If you are looking to open an account on a trading platform, you want your crypto wallet to be safe and secured. Even the best crypto trader is vulnerable to cyber attacks that can jeopardize the safety of their funds. Vaultavo is the first SaaS blockchain custodian service that manages and secures all its customers’ digital assets. Our Vaultavo smart card offers biometric and verification security for the ultimate digital asset safekeeping.

Our process is quick and easy, and the same goes for our product. We are the first service to deliver seamless verification systems to allow fast and responsive access to funding your account. Now you can trade and transfer highly secured funds without having to show your private key!

If you want to sign up, head to our homepage and get started. We offer an affordable setup service, and our monthly fees are catered to the size of your account. To top it all off, we have insurance in place for the unlikely event of a security breach on your account.

Safe and secure trading tips

“Digital assets” got its name for good reason as they take up space on any electronic device or system. When you buy these coins, they need to be stored. There are many ways you can store your crypto funds. Either on your trading platforms’ e-wallet or other external e-wallets. I is also possible to store it on a hard wallet such as a USB or memory card.

Vaultavo offers a hard wallet in the form of a biometric smart card that will be linked to the Vaultavo platform to make your crypto trading safe and secure! Our smart card, combined with our HSM, bridges the gap between ultimate crypto funds’ safekeeping and accessibility.

Our service is the first of its kind, and if you want to take those extra steps to make sure your crypto trading funds are in safe hands, sign up for our service today!

Trading for beginners – Our final thoughts

As you can see, trading for beginners can be reasonably simple if you just put in a little effort. Once you get a hold of how crypto trading works, you can start experimenting with trading strategies within the market. Look at beginner trading strategies if you are looking for more info on these topics.

We hope this article helped you understand how to trade crypto and the process thereof. We will constantly post relevant topics, so remember to pop in to ensure you don’t miss anything!

Trading for beginners FAQ

Can crypto trading be profitable?

Yes, it can. However, it is important to know that the crypto market is extremely volatile. This means that prices constantly fluctuate, resulting in short-term investment profits or losses.

How safe is crypto trading?

Owning digital assets online will always be exposed to cyber threats. Cyber security is a big part of the online world, and there are ways to make sure your crypto wallets stay safe. Valtauvo allows customers to buy Cardano, store it and manage the digital assets. If you are interested in learning about the world of online trading, visit our website for more details.

Are cryptocurrencies real money?

Cryptos are decentralized digital currencies. This means there are no entities that own them. These coins are based on blockchain technology, and it has become very popular in recent times as they started integrating themselves into bank and payments systems.

How can I buy cryptocurrencies?

If you want to buy crypto coins, it is important to ensure your coin wallet is safe and secured against any cyber threat. Vaultavo is a blockchain custodian service that manages and protects customers’ digital assets. If you want your account to be secured, sign up on our website.

What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in?

There are a lot of crypto coins available in the market today. With new coins being released regularly, it is difficult to say which will be doing best in the coming months. If you want to get the best chance of investing in the right coin, have a look at this article for beginner information on how to trade crypto.