With the second biggest market cap in the cryptocurrency space, you are likely to come across the name Ethereum. Let’s explore Ethereum trading to inform your investment portfolio decisions.

The cryptocurrency was founded in 2015 after a couple of years of crowdfunding and aimed to improve upon the concept that was defined in the Bitcoin whitepaper. Since then, Ethereum has amassed a healthy following and firmly established itself as the second most highly valued cryptocurrency on the market.

A worthy competitor

The one major advantage that Bitcoin had against the competition was its early conception date. The whitepaper was made available in October of 2008 and was operational by the following year. For a fair amount of time, the cryptocurrency continued to function but remained fairly unknown to the general public. Once word had spread, it took the world by storm. The technology was finally deemed revolutionary and crypto trading platform options were made available so that the general public could also get involved.

With such growth in interest, it is natural that many would seek to improve upon or even just blatantly copy the concept. If you’re wondering, “should I buy Ethereum?” you’ll be glad to know that the concept was initially improved by Vitalik Buterin. The announcement came in 2014 and Vitalik spent some time with his co founders to be; Gavin Wood, Charles Hoskinson and Anthony Di Iorio. Thereafter, the team developed the network we have come to know today and defined all the various options for customers to get involved, such as seed phrase crypto accounts.

By simply visiting the Ethereum site, you will be welcomed by its futuristic design and highly informative pages. Every conceivable use of Ethereum is listed on separate pages and you can also learn all there is to know about the network on the site. The community section also allows you access to discussions of various stakeholders regarding the network and its future. At the moment, it seems to be the most likely case to surpass Bitcoin in terms of value.

What makes Ethereum special

All readers will likely have interest to buy Ethereum, but there is so much more to take into consideration before investing with your digital asset smart-card. The digital token itself is the value that can be found on the majority of trading platforms but there are also dapps, NFTs and the network itself that might have an impact on the price of ETH. Similar to the discussion completed in our what is Binance page, let’s take a look at what sets Ethereum apart.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts provide the actual steps when it comes to storing a data entry into the digital ledger. Once a transaction is completed, the smart contract code will be executed and the relevant information stored. In order to complete a Bitcoin smart contract, a certain amount of funds is offered to the mining pool to prioritize the transaction. On the Ethereum network, the capability of processing contracts is one of the best out of all cryptocurrencies. To make the most out of Ethereum trading, active customers will be able to make use of rapid transaction settling times to try and use the volatility of the market to their favor.

Proof of stake

Once you have a solid understanding of what is Ethereum, you can explore the various means of using it. Many stakeholders have opted towards mining the cryptocurrency and generating ETH with computational capacity. This approach is perfect for anyone who has not yet bought a digital asset and can slowly gain options such as Bitcoin which offer a proof of work consensus mechanism. For customers who can afford to place an initial investment and are interested in crypto mining, Ethereum may be the perfect opportunity within a crypto custody solution. The processing of transactions on the network is completed via a proof of stake consensus mechanism, this means that the more ETH you have, the more likely you are to be selected to process the transaction.

Full of opportunity

As we have mentioned before, Ethereum is so much more than just a cryptocurrency. The opportunities created by the Ethereum-powered tools offer applications that are decentralized, similar to that of the cryptocurrency. This is likely to pull in further investments over time as new applications begin to look for more reliable and cheaper solutions to hosting an application. While a new wave of investors are looking towards other digital markets such as NFTs and metaverses, Ethereum has already shown its worth to serve as a marketplace for more than crypto.

Getting involved

If all of this information has helped you answer your question, should I buy Ethereum? Then you will likely be eager to set up your account and exchange some of your fiat currency for ETH. Keep in mind that each country has set their own regulations in place when it comes to Ethereum trading and you may be liable to pay taxes once you begin trading.

Research your options

Before you place all your money in the first option you come across, you might want to read through some of the other cryptocurrency options that are available. Our page answering the question, how can I buy Solana, will provide you with similar insights into another crypto option. Besides this, there are plenty of new networks being set up and new cryptocurrencies are becoming available almost daily. In order to keep up to date with this wealth of information making itself available, we recommend that you follow our social media channels where our expert will bring you the latest news.

Browse through pages in our guide and familiarize yourself with the crypto industry. You will learn all about what makes a cryptocurrency special and you will be able to discern coins with a promising future from those who are just looking to have a brief moment in the sun. To buy Ethereum with simple key creation would not be the riskiest of choices, while the entire crypto market is volatile, Ethereum is one option that has withstood the initial test of time.

Enter at the right time

A crucial consideration towards the success of your trading career pivots on the time that you enter the specific marketplace for the digital asset. Crypto markets bring an unprecedented degree of volatility when compared to traditional trading options. If you enter at a high price point, you might find yourself losing a significant portion of your funds in a very small amount of time. Learn about analyzing price trends and follow all of the news surrounding the cryptocurrency you are interested in to make an informed choice regarding your purchasing point.

Opt in for the best services

Perhaps the best way to become familiar with crypto trading would be a demo account. Many trading platforms make this service available and you can get a feel for the industry before actually committing a portion of your funds. This demo account will contain a certain amount of imaginary capital that can be invested at your discretion into markets that will follow their real time performance.

Once you know how the markets behave, you can also begin to explore the variety of services out there which offer their customers a trading opportunity, keep an eye out for those with biometrics and a hardware security module. There are a number of them available so naturally the quality of each may differ significantly. Make sure you have a service that caters to your needs and allows you to trade with ease. You might also be interested in our invest in Cardano page if you are looking for further crypto trading opportunities.

Finding a reliable place to store your ETH

You’re well on your way to being a stakeholder of Ethereum, the final step of the process would be to find a reliable crypto custody solution for your digital asset. Many online trading platforms have a wallet included in their service but these have sometimes fallen prey to online hackers. Ethereum trading has become more popular than ever and it’s important to have peace of mind. Our expert team has put together a couple of guides detailing the various wallet options on the market and the benefits or drawbacks of each.

What we offer

If you’re considering investing in Ethereum, you might want to consider a wallet solution that provides you with state-of-the-art security methods and a digital asset smart-card. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel very far to find one. Vaultavo has pioneered the custodian service industry with innovate solutions within the cryptocurrency industry. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to find once you’ve opened your account.

Biometric crypto card

Perhaps the flagship product of our most secure custody solution would be the biometrics crypto card. This credit card-like device will allow you to generate secure tokens while transacting with its eInk display. You can also verify every purchase made by using the onboard biometric scanner which will only recognize your fingerprint. Need to access your account? Easy! Simply connect the device via USB-C to your personal computing device and you will be granted access to your private wallet following the necessary authentication procedures. This card then connects to its partner in the hardware security module to interact with our network.


Every experienced trader recognizes the value of surety. In such an unpredictable industry, it’s a comfort to know that you service provider has coverage for you should things go south. Another cornerstone of our custodian service is the insurance that will be available with your account. Should the extremely unlikely event occur and something has gone wrong, you can rest assured that we will resolve the issue with our extensive coverage. Keep exploring the Vaultavo Academy and our detailed whitepapers to learn more about our revolutionary service.


Ethereum has established itself as Bitcoin’s main competitor for quite a number of years now. The majority of online crypto traders generally look towards ETH when considering opportunities to diversify their investment portfolio. A brief visit to the Ethereum website will show you that they are not only interested in the digital token, Ethereum wants to provide blockchain technology in a manner that is accessible to the public and malleable enough to cater for the innovations that the technology will be able to provide.

Keep in mind the factors that set Ethereum apart from the competition and always do research to gain an insight into how the investment option will be performing in the future. Getting involved is fairly easy but you’d want a service with seed phrase crypto, it is a personal decision when to enter the market but the more information that is consumed will provide a more experienced manner of approach. You will also need a reliable trading platform in order to buy the digital tokens and thereafter you can use the Ethereum network to transfer these tokens into a safe storage solution of your choosing. Our Vaultavo service aims to revolutionize turnkey custody solutions and keep the option in mind while conducting your research.

Crypto Trading FAQs

How can I buy Ethereum?

If you’re interested in joining the wave of new traders looking to get involved with simple key creation cryptocurrencies, you might have come across the option to buy Ethereum. The cryptocurrency is the second highest in terms of market capitalization and a likely choice. Here at Vaultavo, we have put together a comprehensive guide section to serve as your one stop for finding relevant information about trading cryptocurrencies. You will be able to find out exactly how you can go about buying Ethereum by visiting our page now.

Is it worth it to invest in Ethereum?

Once you are set for Ethereum trading, the thought should cross your mind regarding the timing of your purchase. We’re all well aware how volatile crypto markets can be and entering into a trade at the wrong time could prove the key factor to losing some of your funds. Visit our page now to gain information regarding the founding of just about all cryptocurrencies on the market and the journey towards their current valuation. You should find all the necessary insights on our page to determine if Ethereum is the option for you.

How does Ethereum work?

Another significant factor that plays a role in cryptocurrency price performance is the operating procedures of the network itself. It’s important to validate certain factors before investing, such as the decentralization of the network and the possible processing speeds. You will gain invaluable knowledge regarding the growth potential of the investment option. Our guides aim to help anyone understand these factors, by visiting our page you will be able to find out just how the Ethereum network manages to operate and what makes it so well renowned.

Is Ethereum safe?

Safety should always be a prime concern whenever you decide to join an online service. Ethereum itself has been around for a number of years but there are plenty of unlicensed trading platforms looking to exploit customers by offering the cryptocurrency. This guide will bring you all of the security methods that Ethereum uses while you are using their network and also provides you with a trading platform that has the necessary licenses in place to offer a regulated service. Head to our page now to find out all you need to know about Ethereum trading.

What do I need for Ethereum trading?

Cryptocurrency trade regulations are slowly being established all over the world. There are certain areas that allow free reign when it comes to blockchain technology but for the most part you will likely have to share personal documents before you are able to trade freely. You may also find that you are residing in a country where you are obligated to pay taxes on your trade, whatever the case, our guide will bring you the relevant information to determine if you can open an account and begin Ethereum trading.