Cryptocurrencies have fast become a talking point amongst all experienced traders. The digital asset is fairly new to the scene and has endured speculation to become a household name to the general public.

This section of the Vaultavo Academy will run through everything you need to know before you invest in cryptocurrencies. Since 2008, many have been conceptualized and brought to market; each with different characteristics. To help you learn about them all, we’ve set out this guide to all the cryptocurrencies currently available.

Thinking of trading online?

Most of us do at some point in our lives. Trading online always seemed to be too technical or out of reach to the average person, but thanks to advances in trading software, just about anyone can join. That being said, you might want to consider all the factors before you open your account and buy crypto. While the industry has certainly expanded, the majority of active traders will have the advantage of experience over newcomers. The only way to catch up to the competition would be to do your research.

Another important consideration is whether you have the additional funds to purchase the best cryptocurrencies available on the market. While every little bit counts, to actually try and make larger profits, you will likely need to make larger investments. Only invest money that you have to spare so that your investments don’t have an impact on your immediate circumstances.

Besides that, you will also need to consider the amount of time you can spend with online trading. This factor will depend on whether you are looking to buy crypto as a store of value or if you are hoping to scalp the volatile price changes. A store of value option is the least time consuming but fairly uncertain; no one knows where it will settle. Scalping can be quite profitable but it will take a lot of time and you will also need a fair bit of knowledge to scalp efficiently. Consider all of this before you dive into crypto trading.

What you need to get started

Once you’ve made the necessary considerations, it’s time to get started! With online crypto trading, you’re going to need a couple of tools at your disposal to complete your transactions to buy Ethereum for as cheap as possible, while remaining secure.

Secure storage

Whether it’s a hot wallet or a cold wallet, you’re going to want the best security methods guarding your digital assets. These methods have changed considerably over time and it’s up to the service provider to stay one step ahead of any criminals looking to exploit private key crypto. Before you open your account with your preferred custody solution, take the time to thoroughly read through how you are protected. Is your data encrypted? Are servers located in a secure location? Do all of the sites use secure transfer protocols? These are all things that can point towards flaws in an offer and it’s important to be aware of it. You could also browse through the privacy policy to see how your personal details are shared and what’s done to protect that information.

Reliable trading platform

To actually complete the exchange of your fiat currency for Solana trading, you are going to need to make use of a trading platform which hopefully offers fingerprint authentication. There are a large number of these available online and each come with their own perks and drawbacks. Once again, you need to identify what type of trader you are; all the analytical tools won’t be of much help if you are simply going to purchase and HODL. Active traders need to make split second decisions and the better analysis that is done, the higher the chances of making the correct decision. Browse through a couple of offers and try a demo account to see if a service meets your expectations.

Becoming familiar with markets

With the ability to buy crypto, you can start to read up on all the options that are available for you to invest in. The entire industry has become a frenzy of activity since 2008 and some digital tokes have improved on their predecessors while others have gained popularity simply because of a cult following. It’s important to know what you’re investing in and our team has gone through most of the noteworthy options right here in the Academy! Be sure to read up on something before you decide to purchase it.

Gaining confidence with your trades

Trading can be a challenge. At first, there are fairly small chances that you will make an immediate profit. Any gains/losses will depend entirely on the market but as you become familiar with all the options to buy crypto and follow the correct news services, you’ll find that you gain insights into market behavior. Let’s take a look at how you can gain confidence with online crypto trading.

Learn the basics

The first step to mastering any skill would be to learn the basics. Head to the very start of our Academy to learn exactly what you’re looking at with all these charts and figures. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of what the digital token actually represents and how you can complete transactions with institutional crypto custody platforms. Many investors make the mistake of simply working on price performance and don’t realize that it’s the technology that they are actually investing in. You can then shift up a gear towards opening and funding your account. These are all crucial steps and any errors may result in slower trading times.

Follow the latest news articles

Perhaps the most important insight you will gain towards predicting cryptocurrency prices would be the latest developments from the cryptocurrency industry. Reliable news sources are usually established throughout your career as information proves to be true or false. Fortunately, Vaultavo has set up all the relevant social media streams so that you can find our crypto guru’s noteworthy news articles every day. Be sure to follow our accounts and become familiar with all the markets you’re interested in.

Experience is the way to go

Once you have a firm grasp of the online crypto trading basics and reliable information sources, you have the perfect starting point to get involved. You’ll find that the more time you spend involved with the best cryptocurrencies, the better decisions you’ll end up making. This is where experience trumps all. Immerse yourself in all the knowledge that is readily available right here in the Academy and carefully make your trading decisions on the trading platform. You will learn what works for you over time and hopefully form some healthy trading habits.

Your ideal experience

With all the details we’ve been through today, Vaultavo is proud to offer you the ideal storage solution for the best cryptocurrencies. Not only can we provide you with biometric authentication crypto, but we can also provide products that are unprecedented within custodian services today. Let’s take a look at what we have to offer.

Military-grade security

That’s right, our servers housing client information are protected within military-grade facilities to ensure that no unauthorized parties are afforded access. Along with the physical security, you can also look forward to the latest encryption methods being used on all your traffic within our network. Thanks to blockchain technology, crypto transactions are amongst the most secure and trustworthy throughout the modern world. However, access to crypto wallets have been lost and customers taken advantage of, Vaultavo aims to end these issues.

Convenient transactions

We don’t only offer the best security and insurance in the business, we also allow our clients the highest degree of convenience when it comes to transacting. Our biometric crypto card incorporates the approach to security while offering clients the ease of using their best cryptocurrencies as they would a credit card. This means that you can verify with fingerprint authentication and have transactions authorized by all account shareholders. These service solutions are perfect for the company looking to take the next step towards cryptocurrency incorporation.


If you’re considering online crypto trading, such as buying Cardano, you will need to keep in mind all the information that has been presented throughout this section of our Academy. There are many possible options to purchase and our experts have covered all the major talking points, such as Bitcoin trading and Ethereum trading. Be sure to research the best cryptocurrencies that pique your interest and follow our steps of getting started. This will ensure you sign up with a secure storage solution and that you can make use of a trading platform which meets your needs.

Next up, you’re going to want to gain some confidence while you are buying and selling crypto. The best start you can have here would be learning the basics of online crypto trading, from understanding how they work to how you can invest. You can then find some of the best news articles on our social media channels to give you further insights into how their digital tokens will perform. Always keep in mind that Vaultavo has a tailored custodian service solution that will keep you safe and sound. Don’t fall prey to the leagues of online hackers and gain surety that your digital assets won’t be lost with our crypto smart-card. Keep browsing through our Academy to learn more!

Crypto Trading FAQs

What is the best cryptocurrency?

There are so many factors that differentiate cryptocurrencies and determining the best is entirely up to what the client is after. Some might be interested in using the transaction mechanisms while others may want to invest in it as a store of value. Either way, here at the Vaultavo Academy, you’ll learn about the best cryptocurrencies in each category and what each of them could offer to you as a trader. Be sure to visit our page and get started with some of the comprehensive guides that we have available.

How do I buy cryptocurrency?

Many are looking to make their first purchase of cryptocurrency and it can be fairly daunting to those who don’t use computers all that often. Our guides start at the very beginning and you can learn the fundamentals before you progress into more technical information. If you’d like to get started on the journey, head to our Academy and find out exactly how you can safely purchase the cryptocurrency of your choosing using a crypto smart-card. If you already have an active trading account, visit our page for some tips and insights into good trading practices.

Is it legal to buy cryptocurrency?

Surely a question on everyone’s lips and the answer isn’t all that simple. The legality of cryptocurrency depends entirely on the region that you are based in. You may find that there are some tax laws in place or even some regulations that limit the purchase of these digital assets. To get a rough idea of the regulated areas, you can visit our page and see where our services are offered, or you can browse through our whitepaper on the topic to get some guidance in determining if you’re in the clear.

Is crypto safe?

To many, cryptocurrencies don’t necessarily feel safe. The technology was designed in such a way that it has a high degree of security but there is still a certain degree of risk while you’re transacting. This is a focal point within our Academy section and you can learn all about the best security methods right here. We also give you some tips and tricks on how you can stay safe while interacting with the digital world. Head to our site before you get started on your journey and find more information on the ideal custody solution.

How much do I need to buy Bitcoin?

You don’t necessarily need enough funds to buy an entire Bitcoin, but you can buy some Satoshis from the get go. When you buy Bitcoin, Satoshis are the equivalent of cents with Bitcoin and just about all trading platforms allow you to buy any decimal of the cryptocurrency. If you’re interested in investing in Bitcoin, you can begin with whatever the minimum amount is of your service provider. Here at Vaultavo, we offer a state-of-the-art custodian service to ensure that your funds are kept safe. Visit our page to learn more.