Welcome to the guide section of the Vaultavo Academy. Throughout this page we will be running through what guides you can expect to find here and when you should be making use of them.

Our team of experts have put together these guides after thorough research and years of actively trading with cryptocurrency. While no guide is guaranteed to make you a profit, it’s always worthwhile to brush up on some good practices. Be sure to take some notes as we get started with our overview of crypto trading guides.

Why you need a guide

Most online traders make the crucial mistake of wanting to jump the gun and encounter all kinds of crypto custody risks. The idea of making profits online seems to be too much of a temptation for customers to go through the necessary steps of opening a demo account and trying out their trades there first. Not only do many traders dive in head first, but many also simply trade on hearsay and not much research. After all, doing the research is what would be called the ‘hard work’ and many are looking for an easy way to make money on a digital platform.

Unfortunately, we’re here to tell you that there is not necessarily one easy way, but there are great techniques and approaches within these crypto trading guides that will inform your trading decisions and allow you to make the call with confidence. Online crypto trading has taken the world by storm and if you are hoping to do well on the markets, it’s highly recommended that you incorporate some of these guides into your trading repertoire. Let’s take a look at the categories of trades you’ll come across here.

Various skill levels

Naturally, everyone in the academy will be entering the world of online trading at different skill levels. Some may be new to the idea and others may simply be interested in diversifying their investment portfolio. From crypto trading for beginners to detailed analysis, here at Vaultavo we aim to guide you on the endeavor!

Understanding the basics

Both experts and newcomers alike will need to have a solid understanding of the basics before they are able to get their end to end custody solution account up and running. For this reason, we’ve set our guides out to start from the very beginning. We have also included a Blockchain Fundamentals whitepaper within our resources section for those interested in answering the question, ‘What is crypto custody?’. When you’ve got a firm grasp of the basics, you can begin to look at some of the available markets for you to trade.

Beginner guides

Once you’ve decided on a certain cryptocurrency or even an NFT, you can then browse through our beginner guides to get an idea of how to approach the trade. These guides cover everything! From crypto wallet payments to opening a crypto trading account. Usually we recommend that newcomers read through all of this information to familiarize themselves with the markets before making any purchases.

When you have traded your fiat currency for a cryptocurrency on a trading platform, you might notice that the value will change rapidly. This is due to the volatile nature of crypto markets and it usually catches inexperienced traders off guard. To minimize the impact it has on your hard-earned funds, rather try a demo account first with the information mentioned in the beginner guides. You can then look into a crypto API to help make your trade decisions.

Advanced trading guides

After some time on the demo platform, you might find that you are up a certain amount of the fictional funds. If you can stay in the green until you’re comfortable, it might be time to get involved with some of the advanced trading guides. These require a fair bit of knowledge about trading platforms and how to exchange crypto before they can be effectively utilized, but once you have the know-how you can begin to implement them into your daily trades.

It’s always worthwhile to also keep track of the time you spend trading. Some traders learn the basics and begin to trade a little too frequently, this can be detrimental if entry and exit limits are not set. Be sure to identify your limit before any transaction is completed and then use the information in the advanced guides to see if you’re on the right track. You should also look into biometric smart-card solutions to conveniently complete your transactions when the best opportunity arises.

Implementing the knowledge

Gathering all the knowledge in these guides is certainly helpful when it comes to making crypto trading decisions, but the most important part of the process is to implement what you’ve learnt into your practices. This can be very challenging for some as habits have already been formed and an entirely new approach has to be adopted. It could be beneficial but we also recommend maintaining what’s working for you. There may be certain markets that you simply know best and if they have been profitable, you’d likely want to carry on with what you’ve been doing.

Besides niche expertise, there is a wealth of general knowledge within our guides that will be of help when completing mundane tasks such as opening an account or registering properly. Missing a key factor in registration usually results in delays with account activation and lost trading time. With a verified, active account, you can then begin to complete your first trades using the knowledge that has been gained in our guides. Know your markets and research the options to ensure your private key cannot be hacked.

Using the correct tools

A good worker is only as good as their tools and the tools in this case would be the digital platform and trading solution that you decide to make use of. These will serve you well if you do the necessary research to ensure that the services are quality. The cryptocurrency custody and trading scene has become highly competitive and new services are constantly being advertised so it may be overwhelming at first. Before you commit to opening your account, know exactly what you’re looking for.

Trading Platform

A trading platform provides you with the software or web service that you will use to actually transact with your funds. These platforms will charge customers their transaction fees and include an array of different analytic tools. They will also only allow trading of certain cryptocurrencies within their market hopefully with a biometric smart-card option. It’s vital to ensure that all your relevant needs are met within these categories and the only way to do that is to browse through a host of offers. This will give you a sound idea of industry standards.

Wallet service

To complete the transactions, you’re going to need a wallet. And not the one that we’re all familiar with, a crypto wallet is entirely virtual. Wallet services have sprung up as a result of users losing access to their private keys and others simply looking for a convenient method of digital asset storage with a degree of insurance. We refer to them as custodian services and they have become as competitive as the trading platform providers.

With online custodian services, you want to get your money’s worth when you sign up. Simply using a service to store your money could be done for much cheaper by just opening your own Bitcoin wallet. You’d hopefully have signed up with a service provider that charges minute transaction fees and provides you with coverage. It’s always worthwhile checking the authenticity of the service as many scams are set up daily which coax users into signing up and sharing their private key details.

Your ideal storage solution

As always, Vaultavo has got you covered! We have identified factors within custodian services that are lacking and have developed our products and services so that your private key cannot be hacked. We have confidence in our service as your ideal storage solution. Let’s take a look at what makes our offer so special.

Biometric crypto card

Ever wondered why transaction solutions like the credit card haven’t reached the crypto community? So have we! Well, the hesitance from the community has largely been the sharing of details to obtain these cards and the fear of the cards being stolen. We’ve kept this in mind while developing our very own biometric crypto card. It features security methods that haven’t even reached fiat currency financial institutions and you can rest assured that all account details are encrypted and stored on military-grade, secure servers.

Not only do you have the highest degree of security to back you up, you also have unprecedented levels of convenience when transacting with our card. It can be carried in a wallet and if it’s stolen, the thief will have no use for it as physical verification methods are required, as well as third and fourth party authentication. Be sure to browse through the whitepaper of this innovation to find out what other features you can expect to be using.

Transact with confidence

Once you’ve opened your account and received your very own biometric crypto card, you can look forward to crypto trading with confidence. Whether you are a registered business or an individual, you can appoint an account manager which will work to ensure that transactions are verified by the network of your choosing. Our service provides an end to end custody solution with a high level of convenience. Only once all the verification procedures have been checked will the funds be transferred. Our network also provides a high degree of scalability for those looking to expand business or personal transactions.

Steps to get started

The Vaultavo service will certainly prove its worth with our crypto strategy guides as you can transact with ease while making informed trading decisions. You might be wondering just how you can get started? Well, that depends on your motive within the cryptocurrency industry. Are you looking to buy Bitcoin as a store of value? Or would you rather buy some ETH to actively make use of the Ethereum transaction network? To use it as a store of value, you will need to do the necessary research to determine what’s a good point to enter into the market and avoid the crypto custody risks. A transactional basis requires less research but active monitoring to ensure funds are not lost.

Either way, you’re going to need to learn how to open a crypto account. Vaultavo makes this incredibly easy for all of our clients and guarantees the security of the user’s personal details. Simply contact our team to work alongside an agent and open your account within our custodian service. You will need some verification documents ready such as a proof of address and identification. Be sure to browse through our privacy policy to determine exactly how this information is protected.

Next, you’re going to need to define the security features that will be applicable to your account. This may differ from user to user and our team of experts will help to make sure it’s as easy as possible. Once your account has been verified and activated, you can look forward to our quality offer. To get started, simply scroll down to the ‘Contact Us’ section of the site and follow the necessary prompts.


This brings us to the end of the guide’s overview here at the Vaultavo Academy. You should have a solid understanding of exactly why you need a guide while you are trading cryptocurrency and keep in mind that the information is certainly not absolute. The market is very volatile and often behaves erratically, so always research as much as you can and use a crypto API to make the most informed decision possible. No matter what skill level, any trader will find applicable information within our Academy and it’s freely available to everyone.

All of this knowledge would be put to waste if you don’t implement it into your trades. Keep it in mind whenever you transact and try to form some productive habits. We’re certain of our offer here at Vaultavo and you can determine the quality by browsing through some of our competitor services. To find out more about our products or blockchain technology in general, be sure to finish our Academy section and maybe browse through some of our whitepapers for more detailed information.

Crypto Trading FAQs

What do I need to get started with crypto trading?

Getting started is arguably the scariest part of the journey. Most traders head into the industry with little to no knowledge and get busy trading. Sometimes this might pay off but it will always be a benefit to you to read up a little about exactly what you’re trading. You will also need a host of documents and personal details to open your account before you can get your account up and running. Be sure to browse through our Academy to figure out exactly what’s required from you and how you can incorporate some good trading practices into your routine.

Who are the best online crypto brokers?

Whenever you open an account to trade online, you’re hopefully trading with the best. A quality service should offer all customers the opportunity to complete crypto transactions while paying minimal fees and having confidence in the broker’s security methods. To learn more about these aspects, you will likely have to make use of some guides and an information resource. Fortunately, Vaultavo has undertaken the endeavor to bring all of this to our readers – free of charge. Visit the Vaultavo Academy now to learn more.

Can anyone sign up for crypto trading?

This depends on where you are based. Every region will have their own laws when it comes to purchasing and owning the digital asset. We have taken a look at some of the largest markets in the world and gathered the information in one convenient location for all our readers to access. You may also require some additional documentation to get your account fully functional but this will depend largely on the service provider that you are making use of.

How are my funds kept secure?

Depending on what services you make use of, you might find that there are different security methods being used to protect both your funds and your personal details. Here are the Academy, we explore all of the common methods that you will come across and which you should make use of. It’s always important to check the privacy policy of any service to see exactly how your data is being handled. Visit our page to learn more about this and more with Vaultavo!

How much do I need to get started with crypto trading?

You can get started with the minimum amount of any trading platform! This usually starts at as little as $1. It’s important to keep in mind that every platform will have its own transaction fees and the $1 you invest might be used up by simply making your transactions. We’d rather recommend that you invest any extra funds you can spare each month and slowly build up the capital to get started. The extra funds could be anything, as long as you are actively making good use of it.