Welcome to Vaultavo’s trading academy! We’ll be providing all of our customers and interested readers with the know-how and tools to begin their journey into the thrilling world of cryptocurrency trading.

Since Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the world to the concept of Bitcoin in 2008, the cryptocurrency scene has been experiencing growth unlike any other industry in the world today. With a market cap of trillions of dollars, it’s no wonder that everyone is looking to get involved in the action. Let’s take a look at how you can get started with your very own trading account..

Thinking of trading online?

The precursor towards trading online is always the thought of whether or not you can actually do it. We can confidently say that the world of trading has never been more accessible to the general public as of today. With all the advances made in the technological sector, customers can now enjoy the convenience of trading commodities, stocks, indices and even crypto trading from the comfort of their own home using biometric authentication. The process has also become easier than ever before, all you’ll need is a device connected to the internet and the necessary verification documents.

Before you get involved with a crypto trading platform or exchange, there are a number of things to consider, especially online crypto trading basics. For one, do you have the necessary funds to get started? This will largely depend on the service you are looking to sign up with as some of them charge exorbitant fees to simply complete your trades. Be sure to store your funds with the most secure custody solution currently available. You will also need to identify your primary goal, are you looking to make an income by trading or do you simply wish to invest your savings with crypto trading? Either way, we highly recommend that you visit our crypto trading for beginners section to get your venture underway.

What you need to get started

If you’ve made the necessary considerations towards crypto trading, it’s time to browse through all the documents and cryptocurrency custody offers you’d need to get started. Each of them unfortunately come with a host of pros and cons but our team has done the necessary research to ensure that you are in safe hands.

Secure storage

Even if you are making use of the best online crypto trading platform, you will still have to make use of a storage medium. The asset is, after all, digital. Fortunately, there are quite a few crypto trading wallets that you can make use of here. The most commonly used method would be a web wallet, this is usually a service provider that will allow you to open an account on their website and you will then be assigned your private and public key. Your funds are then kept secure in your account, however, the third party custodian service will also have your precious data which is not entirely secure.

Hackers are becoming more adept at breaching databases and gaining entry to accounts. Some providers have combated this by using the hard wallet storage solution. This allows you to complete your crypto trading and store your assets with the use of a physical drive. You will only be able to access your account by actually using the hard wallet though, so make sure not to lose it! Most wallet services also offer the option of a mobile app for further convenience when you’re looking to access your funds.

Vaultavo has managed to pioneer a new level of secure cryptocurrency storage and convenience. Our biometric card provides customers with unprecedented convenience and while your funds are with us, they’ll be safeguarded by our state-of-the-art Hardware Security Module (HSM). HSM crypto provides customers with the highest degree of secure storage when it comes to self-custody crypto.

Reliable trading platform

Once you have your storage set up, the next step towards online crypto trading would be a reliable trading platform. These platforms allow you access to trade your fiat currency for digital cryptocurrencies. This step is crucial to ensure that your venture is a success, some trading platform’s tools and fees are out of reach to the average customer. You’ll need to browse for an efficient blend of usability and functionality.

As you become more advanced with crypto trading, you will find that the speed of transaction is crucial with such volatile markets. The difference between these transaction settling times may prove to be the difference between you making a profit or a loss. Take this into account while you explore the specifics of each platform and consider the benefits of each custody solution.

Becoming familiar with markets

The number of cryptocurrencies has increased by tenfold over the past year and it’s fairly impossible to keep up to date with each of them. That being said, there are certainly options with a well-established reputation and we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the crypto you are interested in investing in. You can do that by browsing through our best cryptocurrencies here within the academy. We provide you with an expert look at exactly what makes each of them unique and valuable as crypto trading options.

Gaining confidence with your trades

Whenever you enter into a new field, it’s natural to be hesitant with decision making and completely normal to lack confidence. To help you familiarize yourself with the industry and trade with confidence, our team has nitpicked some of the points that help you stay informed.

Learn the basics

While confidence can be a positive trait, overconfidence will certainly land you in a risky situation when it comes to online crypto trading. We recommend that you take the necessary time to learn the basics and understand the specifics of blockchain technology and exactly what gives it its value. Fortunately, Vaultavo has produced numerous whitepapers from the very fundamentals of blockchain right up to the most intricate of points of the technology.

We have everything you need available right here in the academy, from beginner questions to beginner trading strategies. Make sure that you’ve done the necessary reading before you devote your time to a crypto trading platform. You can also make use of a demo trading account which many platforms offer, this will allow you to try your hand at trading before you have to risk any of your actual funds. Get a feel for online crypto trading by learning the basics and monitor your progress from month to month.

Follow the latest news articles

Perhaps one of the most powerful tools at any trader’s disposal would be the wealth of news and information that is made accessible to the public. You can find a large number of outlets which offer readers daily articles or simply follow the right channels on social media to receive updates by the minute. We have also put our resident crypto trading expert to the task of managing our very own social media feeds. You’ll find detailed updates regarding the space that may be key when you’re deciding to buy and sell.

Experience is the way to go

We may have all come across a bit of beginner’s luck at some point but there isn’t an industry in the world that does not benefit from experience. By simply involving yourself with crypto trading reviews and completing trades, you will find that you pick up mannerisms and habits that will benefit your trading career in the future. You may also make mistakes that serve as a reminder whenever a similar situation comes up. Be cautious but also try to involve yourself with trading as much as you possibly can.

What to look for in a service

With your mind set and all the necessary information to get started in hand, it’s time to decide on your service. These services will vary in their use, you may opt to go for an independent wallet to fund your crypto trading or exchange account. Others simply look for an all-in-one package. The most important factor of any service is the security and protection that they can offer you. You will be investing your time and money while online crypto trading and it’s important that you are not vulnerable to losing any of it.

Be sure to browse through the privacy policy of any third party crypto trading platform and ensure there are no red flags that may prove to be troublesome in the future. Take a look at their encryption methods and insurance policies, if any, that will apply to your account. To make yourself familiar with these topics, we highly recommend browsing through our crypto trading guides and learning about all the factors. Finally, make sure the custody solution has a reputable customer service team in case there are any mishaps while you are trading online. This can be done quite easily by visiting some crypto trading reviews and seeing how other customers have been treated.

The crypto trading scene has also not been impervious to scams and fraudulent offers, you may have come across some news articles exposing these stories. It has never been more important to consider exactly who it is that you are doing business with. An established cryptocurrency custody solution with reputable affiliations is usually the safest choice. Browse through the site and hopefully find some faces and names that you will be working alongside to strengthen the trust between company and client. Another key factor to be on the lookout for is biometric authentication.

Your ideal experience

Vaultavo has identified the cornerstones of a great service and included all of them within our very own product. We offer the highest degree of security while maintaining the sought out convenience that modern payment methods offer you today. Your digital assets will be kept safe thanks to our HSM and you’ll find that transacting has never been easier when you have one of our biometric cards. Vaultavo aims to lead the industry of cryptocurrency custodian services by providing our customers with unprecedented levels of service.

Our technology and products do the necessary work to safeguard you against the threats of the modern world. In order to further strengthen the trust between company and client, we also provide detailed information about the crypto trading industry and the more involved specifics of our service. Trading information is readily available on our website and anyone can make use of it. From the best digital trading options to some of the cryptocurrency names, we’ve got it all.

Furthermore, you will find that the technology we have produced is unparalleled on the scene today. Our detailed whitepapers explore the functions of these products and how they can be utilized.

Crypto Trading FAQs

What do I need to get started with crypto trading?

The cryptocurrency scene has taken the world by storm and more people are trading than ever before. Naturally, you’re considering if it’s worthwhile to get involved with trading. Well, our guide here at Vaultavo aims to make the space accessible to everyone. You will be able to browse through some comprehensive whitepapers discussing some of the most important factors of cryptocurrencies and you will be able to make use of our more basic guides to get you started with online crypto trading.

Who are the best online crypto brokers?

We all hope to sign up with the best but it can be quite a task to discern who’s service actually manages to trump all the others. Fortunately, our team here at Vaultavo have plenty of experience when it comes to trading and have assembled all the necessary information to bring you a service that stands out above the competition. Head to our in-depth trading academy to find all the information you’ll need to open an account with a reliable service provider.

Can anyone sign up for crypto trading?

This largely depends on where you are based and what regulations have been put in place with regards to cryptocurrency trading. We explore a large number of the countries who have imposed limitations on crypto trading and we also discuss the necessary documentation you will need to get started. In order to have the most informed approach, we recommend that you browse through our academy section to get to grips with opening an account.

How are my funds kept secure?

This will depend on the precautions that your service provider has taken to keep your assets safe. Online encryption methods are evolving day by day and we strive to keep the pace with the latest developments. We also provide insights towards the security methods that are currently being used and just what makes Vaultavo’s service special. Head to our site to find all the information you’ll need.

How much do I need to get started with crypto trading?

Most customers are hesitant with online trading as they believe the necessary initial expenditure is out of reach. This is certainly not the case and we highly recommend that you get started as soon as possible. Many cryptocurrency custody services do require a sign up fee and we’ve browsed through a number of them to determine what your best option is. Visit our site to find information on getting started and how you can stay informed with online crypto trading.