Welcome to the latest coverage of mobile crypto wallets. Here at Vaultavo, we provide you with vital information on how to protect digital assets. This puts the power in your hands while buying, trading, storing cryptocurrencies as well as using crypto to purchase tangible products.

Mobile wallets come in the form of an app which can be downloaded to your device. These wallets are unique as they enable you to use your mobile device to transact with crypto. In a world that is ever more accepting of crypto payments, the best mobile wallet allows for seamless purchasing of goods and services.

What is a mobile wallet?

As the name suggests, it is a crypto wallet that is designed for mobile devices. In essence, it is similar to other mobile payment applications. The ability to utilize your device to make payments using the app is one of the great advantages of mobile crypto wallets. As your private keys are stored on your phone, you can quickly access your crypto assets. This extends to actually buying and selling cryptocurrency, too. The best mobile wallets require you to scan a QR code or by using NFC technology when purchasing products in-store. Your payment will be processed instantly.

Mobile crypto wallets are known as a software wallet

You might have heard of software and/or hardware wallets. In contrast to a hard wallet, mobile wallets form part of the former category – software wallets. This type of wallet is installed or downloaded onto the device of your choosing; in this instance your smartphone. It provides several great functionalities such as fingerprint biometrics but cannot be removed from your device. Keep reading to find out how this might affect your final decision on which type of crypto wallet to use.

Advantages of using mobile crypto wallets

If you are interested in using a mobile crypto wallet, then summing up the benefits and potential downsides is of great importance. We’ll begin by looking at three characteristics that make mobile wallets for cryptocurrency so popular.

Access your crypto on the go

The sheer fact that you can access your crypto, and utilize additional trading features with certain mobile wallets, is a great advantage! Mobile wallets are readily-available for use and offer immediate access – as long as you are connected to the internet. The ease of accessing the blockchain custody service could also be considered its downfall.

Instant transactions at physical locations

As we’ve alluded to, the ability of mobile wallets to process in-person transactions instantly is hugely-beneficial. If you prefer to use your crypto for smaller transactions, such as buying goods or paying for services, then a mobile wallet is your go-to option.

Better security oversight than web wallets

With the advances in applications technology, mobile crypto wallets have become more secure than ever. If you are considering mobile wallets and web wallets, the latter proves to have less stringent oversight.

Disadvantages of using mobile crypto wallets

We would be remiss not to touch on the disadvantages inherent in mobile wallets. Without being aware of these areas of concern, you may well find yourself caught off-guard at one point or another during your crypto trading experience with these crypto custody banks.

Issues surrounding loss/damage of device

One of the main issues pertaining to the use of a mobile crypto wallet centers around the damage or loss of your actual device. If your smartphone is stolen or breaks, you’ll lose access to your crypto funds. Accessing your crypto assets from here on out can be tricky through the digital asset custodian service. Therefore, you need to take precautions so as to avoid the worst case scenario of being locked out indefinitely, make sure you have a thorough understanding on how to never lost private keys.

Mobile wallets are prone to viruses

Mobile applications that offer crypto storage on your device are prone to malware attacks and viruses. These viruses might affect your actual device or the app that you have chosen to use. It is pertinent to avoid using public wifi connections and the likes. Any measures which mitigate exposure to internal and external threats should always be taken.

Not suitable for large crypto amounts

Given the potential downside of mobile wallets, it’s recommended that large amounts of crypto aren’t stored in this type of wallet. Long term investments in crypto should be held on cold storage wallets instead. Thus, you need to consider what type of crypto trader and overall user you are before finding the best wallet for you.

The best mobile wallet online

If you’ve come to find the best crypto wallet, then you are in the right place. Branching out on your own to decipher which mobile wallet, or otherwise, is best can be rather cumbersome. There are a wider range of prospective wallets available. This makes it all the more important to narrow down your own crypto trading interests. This includes what you intend on using cryptocurrency for. If you are looking to actively utilize your crypto for day-to-day payments, then you may want to consider our revolutionary smart card with fingerprint biometrics. You can also look to accumulate crypto assets and hold them over the medium- to long-term, as we offer the safest storage of all crypto custody banks.

If you are risk-averse, or maintain high-security standards as the core characteristics of crypto wallets, then the Vaultavo custody solution is the best way for you to store your crypto.

How to open a crypto wallet online

Mobile crypto wallets can be downloaded to your device as you would any other application. Before you set your sights on a current mobile wallet, we urge you to get in touch with our team at Vaultavo. We’ll be sure to walk you through any of your grievances or general queries surrounding current blockchain custody possibilities. Plus, we’ll shed more light on why our Vaultavo Custody Solution offers enhanced services while maintaining the highest standard of security in the industry. Contact our team by giving us a call, emailing us, or simply filling out an online form which can be found on our official website.


Mobile crypto wallets provide you with easy access and the ability to transact daily without delay. Although this is very beneficial for certain crypto enthusiasts, the ever-present risks that come with using a mobile wallet may well deter you from opting for this option. We recommend that you invest the time in finding out more with Vaultavo and our next-generation digital asset custodian solution. We can guarantee to you that you won’t be disappointed!

Mobile crypto wallets FAQs

Are mobile crypto wallets reliable?

There are a number of different types of crypto wallets. You might find standard web wallets or mobile wallets as well as desktop wallets. These three all fall under ‘hot’ wallets and do come with their own set of advantages as well as shortcomings. We recommend that you read our latest coverage of mobile crypto wallets to find out more. Our experts at Vaultavo have crafted insightful guides for your convenience.

What is a crypto wallet for mobile?

Crypto wallets come in all shapes and sizes. You might find that you are more interested in an online crypto wallet. Or, you might already know that mobile crypto wallets are more suited to your purposes. It’s important to understand the inner-workings of a crypto wallet before you make your mind up though. Use our latest guide to gain a wider perspective of the benefits of using the best mobile wallet, as well as any disadvantages that might affect your crypto experience going forward.

Where do I find the best mobile wallet?

The internet is flooded with companies advertising that they offer the best mobile wallet on the market to protect digital assets. This is not always the case though. Certain platforms promise you an arm and a leg but fail to live up to their own expectations. We urge you to read our latest coverage of the best mobile wallet to get a better idea as to how you can get started. At Vaultavo, we bring you comprehensive guides on all crypto topics. This is aimed at improving your knowledge and ensuring that you can get involved with crypto online with more confidence.

Is the best wallet app free?

It is important to consider any potential costs when you make use of mobile crypto wallets. As a general rule, you needn’t have to pay to make use of a wallet for crypto storage. However, you are bound to be met with costs when you make, or receive, payments using crypto. Take a look at our latest in-depth coverage of mobile crypto wallets to get a better idea of where you stand. Plus, we’ll be sure to outline exactly how you can get started!

Can I store all cryptocurrencies with the best mobile wallet?

If you have a tendency to trade all the best cryptocurrencies, then you require the best wallet app for multiple crypto assets. However, not all mobile crypto wallets enable you to do this. It is important to get the lay of the land – so to speak – before you start using a crypto wallet. We urge you to read our latest guide to the best mobile wallet. We have included all you need to know so that you can find the right crypto wallet for your exact purposes.